Hymns to Saint Demetrius of Rostov

Troparion in Tone VIII

O lover of Orthodoxy and uprooter of schism, healer of Russia and new advocate before God, by thy writings thou didst heal the minds of the foolish. O blessed Demetrius, thou harp of the Spirit, entreat Christ God, that our souls may be saved.

Kontakion Tone VIII
Let us bless Demetrius, the golden-worded teacher, the star of Russia, who shone forth from Kiev, and through Novgorod Seversky reached Rostov, and hath illumined the whole land with his teachings and miracles; for he wrote down all those things which are for our edification that, like Paul, he might win all for Christ and save our souls through the right Faith.

From Glory at Lord, I have cried
With praises let us bless the holy hierarch Demetrius, the great bishop, the Chrysostom of Russia, who, having been made a chosen vessel of the most Holy Spirit, hath been shown to be a member of the choir of the friends of God! And he prayeth that peace and length of days be granted to all Orthodox Christians, victory and triumph over their enemies, and great mercy to the world.

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